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The Singing Room

Community Choir



'I find choir a joy. The people are friendly, supportive and looking to have fun.

Singing in choir engages me in a very positive activity

which provides new experiences, stimulation, a network of friends and distraction from travails.

Above all, it feels good for the soul'.


‘I love what we do.

I was used to singing in the bath (door firmly closed) but learning how to listen to other voices and

trying to blend with them in a choir is challenging and absorbing.

And we have such fun as well.’


'I love the first time you start to blend your part with everyone else’s. The first time it starts to really work.

And when you’re not singing and you hear your colleagues making lovely sounds.'


'Coming to choir is a weekly tonic! I always feel energised.

Love the range of music, friendly group and Anna's a great leader.

Just the right balance of fun and challenge.'


'Anna is a very encouraging teacher, she pushes us until we sound great!

I love choir, it makes me happy

Singing in harmony in a group is a wonderful experience and we often sound quite beautiful even though we’re learning by ear and it can be a struggle to get there.'


'I never imagined I would be in a choir, but after seeing an ad for The Singing Room, I decided to give it a go.

I've never looked back - very friendly group, fun singing and lots of laughter. I love it!’


'The choir has been great fun and I've met lots of lovely people

I've found it challenging in in a very enjoyable way. It has got me learning new things -

new songs, new exercises to help with breathing

Anna makes you feel very welcome.'


I’ve been coming to The Singing Room since it started over 10 years ago. Singing every week with a group of friendly people is great fun, but it also requires concentration so it certainly takes your mind off your day to day worries!


Joining The Singing Room choir when my two children were very little and I was parenting full time, gave me space just be me, to let go of all family responsibilities and take a big deep calming breath.

I find singing together with this great group of people really invigorating and joyful.